A Dog Called Money

Kira, a 12-year-old girl, lives in poverty, and her parents constantly argue about their shortage of money. One day, Kira finds an injured Labrador and takes him home. But whoever thought that a regular dog would be a financial genius? Through the friendship that Kira and Money build-up, Kira realizes that you really can make your dreams come true.

In this touching story, Money - the talking Labrador- shares tried-and-tested secrets about money that can be easily understood by children and adults alike. 

In this book, you will discover that everyone can learn how to manage money. 

Money and Kira will show you: 

  • How to earn more
  • How to make more of your money
  • How to pay off your debts 
  • How to achieve high returns 
  • How to become truly wealthy
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Seize the opportunity while it's still young, for great things often begin small.