Bodo Schäfer, born in Cologne in 1960 is a renowned financial expert, author and speaker. His exceptional books on wealth-building, success, and strategic positioning have become worldwide bestsellers, impacting millions of readers. 

When Bodo Schäfer was just 16, he ventured overseas to attend high school in California before pursuing a law degree in Germany. At 26, he was hit by a financial crisis when his trading company became heavily indebted. However, with the guidance of his mentors, he devised and implemented ingenious strategies that enabled him to clear his debts and live off the interest he earned within just four years. Fuelled by his newfound financial freedom, Bodo became determined to help others achieve the same success.

Bodo Schäfer is also the creative mind behind the first and most successful financial book for children, A Dog Called Money, inspiring young readers to embrace financial literacy from a young age.

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A Dog Called Money

Kira's longing for a dog is finally fulfilled when she discovers an injured dog on her doorstep. She takes it in and unknowingly sets off a series of events that would alter her life. As Kira cares for the dog named Money, she soon discovers that Money can talk! It turns out that Money is a financial genius, and he imparts valuable lessons to Kira throughout the book.

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